WHY Choose Bulldog Garage Doors

Bulldog Garage Doors manufacturing process, workshop view of worker cutting metal

Here at Bulldog, we supply and install premium roller garage doors for domestic and commercial customers throughout Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey, and the South East. Combining clever design, innovative technology, and customised features, our bespoke doors provide you with the convenience you deserve at an incredibly affordable price. The in-house Bulldog team has a passion for garage doors. We put our hearts and souls into our services and work to exceptionally high standards. Satisfied clients far and wide praise us for our superior craftsmanship, reliability, personal touch, and impressive project turnaround. We exceed expectations.

What makes our doors the best

1 Superior design

Roller garage doors from Bulldog are made to last designed with meticulous attention to detail and manufactured using the best quality materials on the market. Our doors are available in a wide variety of finishes, materials, and colors, with excellent insulation, weatherproofing, and compact, space-saving elements.

2 Ease of operation

With no visible springs or levels, our roller doors ensure smooth and quick operation. They can be controlled automatically from the comfort of your car and seamlessly integrate with a host of systems and technologies.

3 Safety

AllBulldog Garage Doors carry the coveted CE Marking, so you know they have passed stringent safety tests to comply with European regulations. The doors do not swing outwards and the safety edges prevent damage to your car and reduce the risk of injury.

4 Security

Our clever automatic locking system eliminates the need for additional keys and potential thieves will be put off by the lack of exterior handles, protrusions, or entry points. We can also install high-pitch 110-decibel alarm systems.

About our doors

Bulldog Garage Doors are manufactured to the very highest of standards at our factory in Gillingham, Kent to ensure an unbeatable combination of clever design, cutting-edge technology, and accessible features.