SECTIONAL GARAGE DOORS - Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey

What is a sectional door?

Bulldog Garage Doors Sectional Doors offer excellent security and thermal insulation. Our Premium range of sectional garage doors have a 42mm or 67mm thick double skin steel section that is evenly filled with PU foam; ideal for integral garages and workshops where thermal insulation can be very important.

Bulldog Garage Doors Sectional Doors can be either electric or manual operation, the latest dual spring technology making the door feel weightless. 

A sectional garage door is made up of separate sections rather than a single panel. They rise vertically with no loss of driveway space in front of the garage, and provide full opening drive through width, giving extra room for wider vehicles such as 4x4s and SUV’s.

Bulldog Garage Doors Sectional Doors feature sturdy neoprene weather seals on all sides of the door to help keep the wind, rain, and dust out.

Sectional Doors take up just 140mm of Headroom

Why Bulldog’s Sectional Doors?

Burglar-resistant and clever!

Bulldog’s Doors makes life difficult for burglars. The operator can detect a break-in attempt, and it will automatically push in the opposite direction, which generates counterpressure. The double rollers and stronger hinges also offer higher resistance in the event of an attempted break-in. An optional alarm siren and magnetic locking mechanism can also be used.


The door system is certified to European standard 13241-1 by independent, accredited testing institutes. In this way, you can rest assured that you have purchased a secure and tested door. That is also why we offer our customers a 10-year standard colour guarantee on all sectional doors and a 5-year guarantee on the garage door operator.

Why Bulldog’s Sectional Doors?

L Ribbed Design sectional garage door


Our Most Popular.... The large horizontal rib of the L Ribbed design will emphasis the individual style of our home and enhance the kerb appeal.

M Ribbed Design sectional garage door


M Ribbed door panel sets are designed with a medium horizontal rib to provide fantastic aesthetics for modern-day architecture.

S-Ribbed design sectional garage door


This modern type of panel has small horizontal ribs positioned evenly, making junctions between the panels absolutely unnoticeable.

Microwave Design sectional garage door


An elegant microwave design, pressed on the surface of the door panels, emphasises on the modern architecture of new builds.

Georgian Design Sectional Garage Door


The Georgian style panel design provided a traditional alternative, adding a special charm to your home.

Sectional Glazing Design sectional garage door to allow light in.

Glazing Options

Glazing options available for all UniPro garage door styles, provides natural light and great aesthetics.

Available Textures?

Grained Finish sectional garage door design.

Woodgrain Texture

The woodgrain texture gives the illusion of a truly authentic wooden door, adding a classic touch to any home doorstep appeal

Silk Smooth Texture sectional garage door finish.

Silk Smooth Texture

The Silk Smooth texture gives a sleek and modern design to the door, for an impressive, ultra-modern result.

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