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Roller Garage Doors - Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey

What is a roller door?

Roller garage doors are a great choice if you’re looking to create some extra space, as you can see from the picture, an internal roller door opens by rolling up vertically around itself above the door, therefore no space in lost on your driveway. This is a cost-effective solution to use the space in your garage to its full potential. They are one of the most flexible door options available with choices of lathes, with smooth operation and vertical opening. Offering excellent security for your garage with the option for the door to be fully alarmed.

Picture of a white roller garage door from Inside in a closed position.

What makes Bulldog Garage Doors Roller Doors best?

Bulldog Garage Doors Unique Framing System

Here at Bulldog Garage Doors, we go the extra mile to make sure everything is to the highest standard. When installing our roller doors we always, unless instructed differently by the customer, we will remove and replace the existing framework with new treated timber, on top of this we also clad the new frame in uPVC to a colour of your choice to avoid any future deterioration in the wood thus making it maintenance free. A timber frame properly installed and finished can also enhance the look of your garage door. Don’t take our word for it, have a look yourself.

Bulldog Garage Door with frame installed in a garage building with an advertising sign stating another happy customer
Roller garage door, white with a Direct Fix No Frame Door

Bulldog Garage Doors Latest Safety System

Bulldog Garage Doors Safety system, which we are one of very few with exclusivity, gives you complete peace of mind; Bulldog Garage Doors have hundreds of sensors that cover the duration of the door coming down any delay, i.e. an object or someone in the way, will automatically be picked up and the operation reversed. The latest system on the market with all CE complaint certification.

Garage Door thick steel barrels a component to prevent garage door from being forced open for added security.

Bulldog Garage Doors Standard Security

Bulldog’s thick steel barrels, with the latest anti-lift technology, make Bulldog Garage Doors one of the hardest Roller Doors to force open. With the brand-new frame installed protecting/covering the door, lack of exterior handles, lock and keys, our doors will put potential thieves off more than cheaper alternatives. We also offer an alarm as an optional extra.

Manufacturers & Installers

Bulldog are one of very few in the country the manufacturer and install our own roller doors all in-house. We take care of the complete production process, from start to finish, unlike most other suppliers who simply buy in goods from overseas or other sole manufacturers. This provides us with total control over operations, which in turn, guarantees superior quality, outstanding service and competitive prices.

Bulldog Garage Doors inside view of manufacturing area

Reputation / Accreditations

Our reputation, with over 1000 reviews online and 10 major accreditations, speaks for itself. We are also the only garage door company to be endorsed by Which? Trusted trader within a 75-mile radius; All this meaning you can trust Bulldog with impeccable service and superior quality.

Comes with up-to a 10-year guarantee

What is the difference between the lathe choices 77mm and 55mm?

There are two main types of slats for roller garage doors, 55mm lathes and 77mm lathe. The 55mm lathes are the smaller version of the two and are only suitable for smaller garages, whereas 77mm lathes are much more versatile and can be used on garage doors of all sizes.

At Bulldog Garage Doors, we recommend selecting 77mm lathes (also known as 78mm lathes) wherever possible. It is because in our experience it’s the better option for both security and functionality. But, sometimes the 300mm roll needed for the thicker slat cannot always be accommodated. This is where the slim 55mm lathes comes into their own with the smaller 205mm square box.

Our lathes are manufactured out of double-skinned aluminium and have a thick, foam-filled insert to add insulation to the garage door – meaning you can save money on energy bills too.


To compare the lathes, click and hold the vertical line and drag left to right. 

55mm 77mm

Additional Floor Seal

Our additional floor seal has been designed to form an excellent seal between the garage door and the floor. The floor seal will help prevent unwanted water seeping in under your garage door. The floor seal will also help prevent, rain, snow, leaves, dust, and dirt being pushed under your garage door by the wind

Vision Lathes

Vision Lathes allow natural light into your garage; these are manufactured by Bulldog Garage Doors with glazing. We recommend between 2-3 lathes per door.

External manual override

Our External Manual Override system is installed to enable the ability to operate your door manually from outside your garage if there was a power cut. All Bulldog Garage Doors can be operated manually from the inside as standard.

Installed Roller Doors

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